Holding Fortune | Asset management
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Asset management

Carefully defining the objectives to ensure they can be achieved

The term “asset management” is indicative of our desire to actively assist and encourage, rather than merely consult. What we do is part of a process, from listening to goals to achieving results.

Carefully collecting information thus enables us to refine your objective, whether that is:

  • the sale of a company
  • the protection of your spouse
  • purchasing accommodation
  • making an investment
  • etc.

Dedicated operational assistance

We personalise each mission so that the assistance we provide is closely focused on the achievement of your goals.

The strategy is systematically defined in conjunction with expert professionals, whether they are the people that the family regularly calls upon or specialists that we recommend. All general ideas and the overall approach are scrutinised for technical feasibility, and based on the client’s informed decisions.

Then comes the time when the selected solution is to be implemented. First an agenda and budget are established to assign the roles for the mission and to establish the conditions for completion.

Finally, once the operations have been completed, a summary report can be drafted to analyse the degree of family satisfaction with respect to the objectives set out in the beginning.