Holding Fortune | Asset monitoring
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Asset monitoring

Classifying information so it can be used effectively

Family wealth must be rigorously monitored.

The first step consists of understanding what key information the client wants. Once this information has been listed and prioritised, a standard report is defined, which will serve to assist in understanding developments in the main components of the assets being managed, as well as to detail the aspects that require closer supervision, such as stock portfolios, for example.

Monitoring the family wealth is not limited to compiling such an analytical inventory, however. It also requires updating information on the family structure and wealth, so each person’s objectives can be adjusted

Family wealth is a living thing

That’s why in addition to the report, there are regular meetings to discuss the reports, confirm decisions and sometimes, of course, set out new projects.

In addition, Holding Fortune maintains a legal, economic and fiscal watch in order to ensure that the family’s situation takes all opportunities and threats into account. At the least, these topics are jointly discussed when establishing the schedule for tax declarations.